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"An Advocate's role is to eliminate barriers, educate and inform, find solutions, coach to empower,

and construct the advocate in the individual and family."

~ AdvocateYOU

​AdvocateYOU is a non-profit organization comprised of a group of advocates that work for you.


This organization will strive to inform, empower, and promote the Advocate in you by formulating a concise strategic approach to address your need. We will help you use your voice and navigate you through a system or process to expand your access and outcome.


Our services are of no charge to you. We are not Legal consultants or legal representatives, and we will not advise you on a matter that mandates the involvement/role of law enforcers or court officers.  We will, however, encourage or redirect you to those groups/individuals qualified to assist you with such legal matters. 


We offer you an environment that is family friendly and your resource for information and guidance.

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